Enrolment for the first year of doctoral studies at Sorbonne Université

When the pre-enrolment dossier is accepted, the doctoral student is sent a mail giving him or her an appointment with the director of ED3C at which the latter will sign the enrolment documents. The doctoral student must bring the following documents to the interview:


Please visit the UPMC website :

- For UPMC PhD students: https://enligne.upmc.fr/

- For PhD students from another institution: https://enligne.upmc.fr/scolarite/candidateure

Important note: the dossier number and password will be requested for each year so please make sure to note them and keep them carefully.

In the "Candidature" page please download a PDF made up of the following documents:

1- Authorization to enrol for a doctorate

2- Theses charter (please print two copies)

These documents (authorization and charters) must be signed by your thesis supervisor and the manager of your laboratory. You must provide documents with originals signatures.

3- Please also include proof of financing with details of the duration and amount of your monthly grant (except for holders or doctoral contracts). See "Details about funding".

4- A copy of your diploma. (See "Details about conditions on diplomas")

When these documents have been validated by the Doctoral school you will belong to, PhD students must go back on the site to finish their enrolment - you need to take the oath and then fill in the form on the "administrative enrolment" page. At the end of this procedure, you will need to print out a document and then in the next 10 days doctoral students are invited to visit the PhD Student Affairs Office (BAD, Bureau d'Accueil) to pay their university fees, pick up their student card and thus finalize their enrolment for the academic year. You will also need to provide a certificate of civil liability (attestation de responsabilité civile) for the whole academic year covering all university activities. More information here.

Access map and address of the PhD Student Affairs Office (BAD, Bureau d'Accueil)

Deadline dates for enrolment at UPMC: There is no deadline for enrolling for the 1st year of a doctorate at UPMC but the enrolments site closes each June for the current academic year.